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Jill Konrath is a sales strategist, speaker, and the bestselling author of sales books Selling to Big Companies, SNAP Selling, and Sell More, Less Time.

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Glenn Pasch is the CEO of PCG Digital Marketing. He has more than 20 years of experience in training, leadership, and managing individuals. in this episode, Glenn is going to share how you can get the most out of training your team. 

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Hustle, 10x, Grind, Whatever you want to call it. Here are my 2 cents on how to get the most out of your journey to success. 

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Jamie Shanks is a world leading Social Selling expert, responsible for pioneering the space. He's trained 1000's of sales professionals all over the world to sell more using social media. 

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Oli Gardner is the founder of Unbounce and is the master of landing page conversions. He's seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet. In this episode, you're going to learn how to see an immediate boost in conversions with some simple website tweaks. 

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There is a never-ending sea of information online about sales and marketing. In this episode, I share SOME of the best places to get information online. Share your favorites over on the DPB Facebook page

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Mike Lieberman is the Chief Inbound Scientist at Square 2 Marketing, a premier Hubspot agency. In this episode, you're going to learn how to dominate online with inbound marketing.

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Blair Enns is a 25-year veteran of the business side of creative professions. In 2002, he launched Win Without Pitching. In this episode, you're going to learn exactly that.

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We've taken the most common website questions from the last four years and wrapped them into a Q&A. Don't forget to send us a message over at The DPB Facebook Page if you have questions for Michael.

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Back for episode 113, Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm joins me to talk about how to build relationships of trust with anyone. 

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