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Team DPB is back with another scorching session for this scorching hot summer 2015! The topic of “content” and “content marketing” come up a lot here on DPB but thats because there is such an opportunity for dealers and car pro’s to snag some lowing hanging fruit! 

Not many of your competitors in the auto industry are tapping into the power of content marketing so team DPB wants to give you the upper hand! 

That being said lets dive into session 55 guest. 

When it comes to “Content Marketing” Joe Pulizzi is the Godfather! 

Joe Pulizzi is founder of “Content Marketing Institute”, the leading education and training organization for content marketing, which includes the largest in-person content marketing event in the world,“Content Marketing World” Joe’s third book,”Epic Content Marketing”was named one of “Five Must Read Books of 2013“ by Fortune Magazine. 

Joe’s company and himself are leading authorities when it comes to content marketing and he has helped loads of companies large and small kill it with content marketing. 

Quick Preview Of Joe Pulizzi’s Session

- The importance of a Car Sales Pro building his/her own audience

- Finding your detailed niche that you will become the leading authority on

- The most important components of your content marketing strategy

That is just a small taste of the killer content and hacks Joe P is bring to you the DPB family. 

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