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DPB is back with session 58 and we are pumped up! 


So sorry for missing you last week, we suffered I guess you could say some technical difficulties but “The Dealer Playbook” is back with some serious fire for you to update your toolbox! 


In this session it is Michael Cirillo and Robert Wiesman unleashing 4 amazing tools that will get things “on and popping” for your business. 


Michael and Robert discuss 4 advanced marketing tools that the savviest of the savviest marketers are implementing into their businesses. Both Michael and Robert use some if not all of these tools. 


Now you’re about to get 4 game changing tools but it gets better… There is actually a checklist of 12 yes you heard me right 12 total lethal tools that will help you grow your business. 


Get all 12 tools here… It’s FREE!


Let’s dive in and see exactly what these 4 tools are and what they do for you. 


Four Tools That Will Help Car Pro’s Dominate Online


1. Hemingway


One of the biggest reasons team DPB hears why car sales people are not blogging or creating content, is because they are not confident in their writing skills. Sound about right? 


This tool nips that excuse in the bud! Check this one out and add it to your toolbox. 


Check out Hemingway (link)


2. LeadPages 


LeadPages is one of the best tools out there! This bad boy makes it easy like the “Easy Button” to create landing pages, opt in pages, and sooooooo much more. 


This is one of our favorite tools and it is super easy to use. 


Check out LeadPages (Link)


Check out "The Dealer Playbook" Podcast session 41 with Lead Pages Conversion Educator Tim Paige here.


3. Soovle 


This wicked tool will make it easy to get suggestions from the search engines on what people in your market are searching for online. 


Based off the keywords you are targeting Soovle will spit you back additional suggestions of problems or questions your market place is online looking for. 


It is like a crystal ball for the internet… And it’s FREE! 


Check out Soovle 


4. Fiveer 


If you have not tapped into Fiverr yet you are missing out! You can farm out so many pain in the rear tasks there for great prices that will be better than what your doing now! Sorry but just trying to show you the value of this tool. 


Fiver can take some must do tasks off your plate. 


Check out Fiverr


There you go 4 of 12 advanced marketing tools that you can start using to grow your brand and business right now. 


Get access to the 12 Tools Checklist here.


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This book will show you what exactly to do with these 12 tools and “How To Get It On & Popping! 


You Know The Drill, Now It's Your Turn

The whole team at DPB can not thank you enough for all the support and love you have been giving us.

Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different , we want to hear your voice.

Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and lets keep this conversation going.

See you next time ;)

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