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Welcome to “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast session 59! We are super excited and ready to dive in! 

In this session we have one of our good friends sitting down with us Mr. Brent Wees.

Brent Wees is a Partner and Client Service Director at Powered by Dashboard, a digital automotive product incubator in Toronto, Canada. A fixture in the Canadian automotive digital landscape for over a decade, Brent cut his teeth in the vertical as an account and strategic lead on the Ontario Toyota Dealer Association's digital advertising mandates. 


Brent has also been a featured speaker at automotive events on both sides of the border. Brent's energetic, comedic and uniquely engaging presentation style keeps him in demand at events such as the Innovative Dealer Summit, Driving Sales Executive Summit and the Digital Dealer Conference Series.

In our conversation with Brent he dives into “gamification” and how you can use it to up your conversions online. 

Check out this quick preview of our conversation with Brent Wees

- What is “Gamification” and how you can benefit from it.

- Examples of “Gamification” strategies that a working for auto dealers. 

- Why “Gamification” is a easy way to increase conversions and help you stand out from the crowd. 

This session was a blast and that is just a taste of some of the awesome information Brent Wees delivers in this podcast. 

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