The Dealer Playbook

"The only way to make a ridiculous amount of money is to serve people well."

 Matt Koenig

 Welcome to "The Dealer Playbook" podcast session 26 where once a week auto dealers get real strategies that get results. 

In this session Robert Wiesman and Michael Cirillo sit down and chat with Matt Koenig founder of Konig Co a leading mobile marketing agency that connects auto dealers with more buyers. 

The topic of todays session is what Matt calls "the 3 M's of Automotive Marketing". 

What are the "3 M's" ?

- Millennials 

- Mobile 

- Minorities

If todays auto dealer can get a good grasp on those 3 M's, they will sell more cars. 

The largest increase in new car sales last year came from latino buyers. 

The crazy thing about that is even dealers who 80% of their showroom traffic are of hispanic decent, have zero marketing dollars allocated targeting that customer segment. 

That is just one of the "3 M's" !

Here is what you will learn more about

- How to market to and sell more cars to minorities

- What is the secret to selling to millennials

- The importance of "mobile" strategy

Matt breaks down "The 3 M's of Automotive Marketing" and so much more in DPB session 26.

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We want to hear it all. 

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The Dealer Playbook team has a awesome session for the "Silver Episode" number 25!

In this powerful session the DPB team Michael Cirillo & Robert Wiesman chop it up with founder of social media & SEO dealer consulting firm Dealer Authority, Mr. JD Rucker.

Not only is JD Rucker as dialed in as they come when it comes to the latest in social media best practices, but also one of the (if not THE) most active blogger in the automotive sales community.

JD wastes no time and dives right into selling more cars with Facebook ads most particularly with using what is called Facebook Dark Posts.

In case you were wondering a "Facebook Dark Post" is a highly targeted Facebook ad that does NOT appear on your Facebook Page timeline.

JD gives a step by step blueprint

Why would you want posts that do not appear on your Pages timeline?

JD Rucker breaks that down and more in DPB session 25!

Quick Session Outline 

- What is a Facebook Dark Post and how they can benefit your dealership

- Start to finish step by step how to create a Facebook Dark Post

- The Types of Facebook ads that dealers should be doing

All that plus more value packed into this powerful session for auto dealers.

Keep up with JD Rucker

JD Rucker Facebook 

Dealer Authority Facebook

JD Rucker Twitter 

Get JD Rucker's step by step guide for using Facebook Ads. Click here


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"If you do not have GPS precision and know where you are going, how are you going to make money"?


Sean V Bradley 



 One thing everyone in the automotive industry wants MORE of but seems to never talk about is MONEY.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make more money and that just so happens to be the topic of "The Dealer Playbook" session 24.


Money, Money, Money, MONEY


In session 24 of the DPB podcast Robert and Michael sit down with automotive internet sales expert and CEO of the award winning automotive training company Dealer Synergy Sean V Bradley. 

When it comes to building powerful and successful dealership internet departments Sean and his team at Dealer Synergy are the go to team. 

Sean V Bradley and his team at Dealer Synergy have worked with many dealerships internet departments and in less then 90 days he has helped them double, triple and even quadruple the amount of cars they sell online. 

The proof is in the pudding and Sean V Bradley knows how to make it happen and how to make money.

That is exactly why the DPB team knew that Sean was the right man for this session.


What You Will Learn From Sean V Bradley


- How to make MONEY in the automotive industry


- The Money Map to making more money for showroom sales professionals


- Building a profitable internet department 


- The truth about 3rd party lead providers


And that is just the tip of the iceberg on what to expect in this powerful session with DPB's good friend Sean V Bradley.


Get More From Sean


If for some reason you are not connected with Sean v Bradley here is how to so. 

Sean's Facebook-

Sean's Twitter-

Make sure you cash in on your free test drive of Sean's virtual training for dealerships here -

Make sure to check out the Internet Sales 20 Group which Sean is the founder of and you can catch up with Robert Wiesman & Michael Cirillo there in Boston starting on September 22nd, check it out here-


Don't Miss This 


The whole team at "The Dealer Playbook" is super excited for Michael Cirillo's upcoming book release 'Don't Wait, Dominate.

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See you next week!

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"Find the right recipe, and then stream line it".


Elise Kephart - Adame



"It's about time" and "Finally" have been the response from any one that we told "DPB Session 23 was featuring the newest Phone Ninja Elise Kephart-Adame. 


In case you don't have the internet, Elise Kephart - Adame is a phone consultant for Phone Ninja's, a leading training company in the automotive industry.


Elise or maybe you know her as "The YouTube Diva" is well known for her personal videos she would use to follow up with prospects online. 


Elise is more then just an expert when it comes to showing sales people how to maximize the phone, she also has easy to execute tips that any one can start to do now, that will sell more cars. 


What you can expect to hear from Elise


- Dealership Internet Department Infrastructure 


- Using multiple channels to follow up with prospects 


- Handling inbound & outbound phone calls


- Creatively staying top of mind with prospects


Elise brings lots of experience to the table and as always she delivers valuable information for any one in the car business.


Even in todays age where all the buzz in the auto industry is digitally focused, the phone is still a big money maker. 


How are you on the phone?


What is working best for you when it comes to phone follow up?


Does your dealership have a different structure then most for their internet department?

Ask your questions for Elise in the comments section below or any other comments you might have. 


The team at "DPB" wants to keep the value steam rolling, so don't be shy, and connect in the comments section below. 


Connect with Elise Kephart-Adame 


Follow Elise on Twitter here.


Connect with Elise on Facebook here.



Feel free to reach out via text with Elise - 805-441-3398

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