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Diving into session 60 of “The Dealer Playbook” Podcast and we are so excited you are here! 


In this session we have decided to shake it up a tad and do something new. 


We compiled 5 amazing professionals in the auto industry and we call them on the fly and ask them just one question. The best part is none of them knew we were going to be calling.


This session was lots of fun and is something we will definitely be doing again in the future. 


Here are the 5 thought leaders of the industry we called on the fly “live” and the question we asked that individual:


Danny Benites


Danny is the General Manager of Greg Lair Buick GMC in Amarillo Texas and a very sought after speaker at auto industry events across the country. Danny is the kind of GM most sales people/sales manager would love to work for. He brings an outside the box approach to everything he does and is lighting it up in the Amarillo Texas market. 


Dannys Question


What is the best way to get more productivity out of your team?


Craig Lockerd 


Craig is a true expert when it comes to art of recruiting staff for your dealership. He is the founder and president of AutoMax Recruiting the auto industries number one staffing/training agency and is also a sought after speaker/presenter for automotive industry events and seminars. This guy is the real deal. Hands down. 


Craigs Question 


What is the number one recruiting tip you can give to auto dealers?


Fran Taylor 


Next up is Mr. Fran Taylor aka “The King of Prospecting” and founder/CEO of Fran Taylor Techniques and also the founder of the 30 Sales A Month Facebook Group.Fran has been around the auto industry for many many years and has trained thousands of sales professionals around the world on how to sell more cars. Fran was selling 50 cars a month in his day and has some of the best prospecting techniques in the industry that will help you sell cars while you sleep! 


Frans Question


What is the best prospecting tip that is working for sales people?


Glenn Pasch 


Glenn is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the topic of leadership. He is also the CEO of PCG Digital Marketing a full service digital marketing agency and is also a partner at PCG Consulting. Glenn goes the extra mile for auto dealerships to help them stay ahead of the pack. Glenn is razor sharp. 


Glenns Question


What is the number one leadership skill people need to implement NOW? 


Mike Davenport 


Also known as “The Louisville Chevy Dude” Mike is in beast mode 24/7! He is the #1 sales champion at Bachman Chevrolet in Louisville Kentucky and is a top performer for Chevy across the country. Mike is known for creative and persistent follow up that really works. 


Mikes Question 


What is the best follow up technique you are using to get customers to come back to the dealership?


This session was jam packed with power house info so be sure to listen so you can get each power players response to the question we asked. 


Connect With Fab Five 


Connect with Danny Benites


Connect with Craig Lockerd 


Connect with Fran Taylor


Connect with Glenn Pasch 


Connect with Mike Davenport 


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See you next time ;)

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