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Ryan Stewman (a.k.a Hardcore Closer) has never had a salaried job in his life. He has a real 'eat-what-you-hunt' mentality which fosters his consistent entrepreneurial approach to sales.

In Episode 93 of The Dealer Playbook, Ryan walks through the best way to navigate negotiating and closing a car deal. Using real examples from his life as a car sales professional, he shares a unique way of viewing everyday challenges that every car pro faces.

Understand the common phrases that car shoppers use

From "just looking" to "what's the best price you can give me", understanding why car buyers use these phrases is essential to working through the sales process.

"They've been taught to say those things from their parents, and their parents, and their parents and on and on..." It's all they know how to say when placed in that situation.

The sooner you can get over the fact that most car shoppers will repeat the same phrases, the better off you'll be.

Rather than complaining that all of them say the exact things or have the same objections, leverage those phrases to come up will killer solutions. Each customer provides you with one more opportunity to get your work tracks right.

Learn the word tracks

It's no secret that certain word combinations work better than others. Ryan Stewman shares some valuable word tracks that can break the ice and seal the deal.

Ask questions

When asked about the most valuable sales lesson he's learned was, Ryan responded, "Ask questions."

This is a practice that comes preloaded in every sales training course there is. Sadly, very few adopt the practice into their routine.

A significant element of asking is listening. If you ask questions, you have to be willing to genuinely take an interest in what the other person is saying. Once you do, it may surprise you how much information they volunteer that will help you advance the sale even further.

Insist on the business

If you've gone out of your way to answer questions, convey value and provide an enjoyable experience, don't be afraid to insist on the business. If the customer is asking about the lowest price you can offer, consider the vehicle sold. Ryan Stewman submits that when customers ask for a price, they've already agreed to buy the vehicle, they're just kicking off the negotiation.

Play the game

Not only is it vital to know the game you're playing, but you need to be willing to play it.

It's crazy how many car pros complain about the negotiation process when working a car deal, but that's just part of the game. If you take the time needed to know how to navigate the game, your chances of winning increase exponentially.

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When Nathan Hays got his start in the car business six years ago, he knew that in order to achieve the success he wanted, would require him to put in the effort.

Not just any effort, though. Nathan was on a mission to completely OWN his community. With a vision in mind, he got to work.

In episode 92 of The Dealer Playbook, Car Dealer Nathan Hays takes you on his journey from being a greenie in the car biz, to being nick-named, "Mayor of Carville" by his colleagues.

When you listen to Nathan's story, you might be thinking, "Okay, but where's the meat?" or "Where's the fancy strategy that will just get me fast results?"

For those that want the fancy shotgun approach to success, you'll feel nothing but disappointment. There is nothing fancy about what Nathan talks about here. But is there meat? Absolutely!

Everything that Nathan Hays is doing comes from a long history of success. The success that others have experienced and shared. He is following a very strategic recipe, and if anything, you should realize that the sooner you start following the recipe, the better off you'll be.

The Math and Science of Becoming a Top Car Sales Pro

It's a numbers game. If you take the time to identify how many people you know, the more you should start to see how many acres of diamonds are sitting in your prospect pool.

If you know 100 people and each of them knows 100 people you already have the ability to impact 10,000 people in your community. The numbers add up quickly.

The simple science of this is that you need to make yourself known. If those 100 people don't remember you or know that you exist, it's impossible to do business with them. People can't give their money to someone they don't think about.

Your objective is pretty straight forward. Network until you're blue in the face. Focus on getting to know people in your community. Get involved. Show interest in others, and they will reciprocate by showing interest in you.

Follow the Car Sales Recipe

You've probably heard that success is a recipe. Well, when it comes to selling cars and becoming the "Mayor" of your community, it's the truth!
One of the most important aspects of a recipe is that you apply the ingredients in the right sequence.

Often, when it comes to achieving success, people want results quickly and end up taking steps out of sequence. They're looking for a shortcut to success. Shortcuts always turn into long cuts.

If you want long-term sustainable results, it's important that you follow the recipe to a 'T.'

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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most prominent Entrepreneurs of the 21st century. As the founder and CEO of VaynerMedia, a 700+ person digital marketing agency, Gary has learned a thing or two about starting and growing a business.

He is now on a mission to share what he's learned with other business owners and entrepreneurs. His motivation is to leave a legacy; an imprint on future generations about what it looks like to be a leader and entrepreneur.

In episode 91 of The Dealer Playbook, Michael sits down with Gary to discuss his new book, #Ask GaryVee and have a few questions answered about how to succeed in car sales in a cluttered market.

No Excuses, No Perfect Conditions

Have you ever found yourself waiting for the conditions to be just right before you act? How has that worked out for you? The shortest answer of this episode came when Michael asked, "Do you ever wait for perfect conditions before making a move?"

Gary's answer: "NO!"

Of course most listening or watching already knew the answer. But Michael asked it for less than obvious reasons. It's one thing to know the answer; it's another to take action on it.

One of the reasons most people leave their dreams, goals or ambitions behind is because they secretly believe the perfect conditions are right around the corner.

If Gary Vaynerchuk Sold Cars

Let's face it, we all want to know what moves Gary would make if he were selling cars. Well, now you finally get the answer from the horses mouth.

If Gary Vaynerchuk became a car salesperson, he would execute a hyper-local strategy. The goal: Become what he called the "social mayor" of the community.

Using social media, he would build his audience by being the go-to local resource for anything and everything in the community. From talking about that "pothole" that everyone is complaining about to engaging in community events and fundraisers.

The challenge is that most salespeople think of what they do as a J.O.B. Gary apparently thinks and sees the future as an entrepreneur. His thought process immediately took him to a place where he captured control and took action to make himself omnipresent in his local community.

If Gary Vaynerchuk sold cars, you wouldn't be able to escape him online. He would be everywhere. He would be involved. He'd run it as if it were his own business.

Get a copy of Gary's New book "#AskGaryVee"

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Mat Koenig, CEO of Buscador de Auto, is no stranger to creating winning culture and helping teams achieve their potential. From his days managing sales teams in the dealership to his current role as CEO, Mat shares some valid points about what it will take for you to reconnect with your team members and leverage their strengths.

As the digital age has unfolded, and with the increase in technology usage for communication, many leaders are struggling to find the balance between the digital and real world. 

In episode 90 of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, Michael Cirillo and Mat Koenig discuss how you can lead human beings in the digital age so that it's a win/win for everyone.

Leaders Must Show Interest and LEAD!

As the leader of a team, it's important for you to know what makes your team members tick. It's about shifting your paradigm from being "the boss" and managing people to being a leader and strengthening people. 

Leaders lead from the side. They don't need to display their dominance over anyone. They have stewardship for (not over) the people on the team. They recognize that they are also a part of the team and it's in their best interest to encourage and empower their people to succeed.

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