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It's safe to say that Mark Jennison has experienced enough to have lived three lifetimes by now. From a blossoming drug and alchohol addiction starting at the age of 14, waking up to see his best friend dead, to making millions and losing it all, Mark takes you on his comeback journey.

In episode 105 you're going to learn about how to leverage your life's challenges and turn them into strengths. Listening to Mark share his story, you'll be inspired to identify ways that you can live the best version of your life as possible.

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Amy Bannor (aka #JustAGirlSellingCars) cut her teeth providing an exceptional customer experience as a sales consultant at David's Bridal, one of the largest bridal dress chains in the world.

When she transitioned to the automotive industry over 7 years ago, she realized that many of the principals that worked extremely well in the bridal industry were missing from the car buying experience. It lacked transparency and a fun atmosphere.

In episode 104 of the show, Amy is going to take you on her journey from newbie to seasoned sales professional and let you in on the lessons she's learned in between.

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