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In this minisode, you're going to learn about how to dramatically enhance your life, your spirituality, and your career by overcoming negativity bias. I'm calling you out (but I'm calling myself out as well). 

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Danny Benites has seen it all. From working as a lot boy and sales professional to eventual general manager and owner, Danny's years of experience have helped him find ways to achieve success in the retail automotive industry.

For Danny it's all about shifting your perspective, getting clear on your goals and working toward them with passion, vision, and fun! 

In episode 122, you're going to hear two friends crack some jokes, have a good time, and get serious about how to achieve success in your career in the car business.

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We're grateful to have Kelley Blue Book join us this season to share value through their Instant Cash Offer program. You can learn about it here: -- I'd love if you would check it out! 

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Fellow Canadian, Duane Marino from Duane EN Marino Automotive Solutions joins me today on the show to share the most practical way to decrease transaction times for retail automotive dealers. 

It's no secret that car shoppers dread the car buying process. From sitting in the dealership for several hours, to hunkering down on the other side of the desk from the business manager - dealers wonder what they can do to improve the overall experience. 

In episode 121, Duane reveals 15 tips that will help you reduce your overall transaction time. Doing so will create a much stronger customer experience, which will lead to more sales. Afterall, if you can decrease transaction time, you increase the number of vehicles you can sell in that same period of time.

Listen to get the full details. 

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Maureen Berkner Boyt knows what it takes to grow a business. As a 5x business launcher, Maureen is currently the founder of the Moxie Exchange - an organization that helps companies create inclusive workplaces, be innovative, and make more money. 

On episode 120, you're going to hear Maureen's best advice for shattering negative stigmas in the workplace and how to elevate your entire team to be more productive and thrive.

Having an inclusive dealership means that you also need to stop focusing attention on gender or pay gaps. It means that you treat all people with equality and respect, and position each team member to succeed. 

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It is SO good to be back behind the microphone for Season 8 of the DPB. Thank you to everyone who continues to listen, subscribe and share the show.Thank you for joining me on my mission to enrich and empower automotive professionals all over the world! 

Season 8 is going to be awesome. You'll hear some familiar voices as well as new subject-matter leaders who are dominating in their space. 

In season 7, we tried something new. We released all episodes at once, Netflix style. In Season 8, we're going back to weekly releases to keep you fired up and rolling through the end of the year.

I hope you enjoy. As always, thank you for your attention and time. It means the world to me.



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