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Listening is a dying art form. In the digital age where so many people are only interested in what info they output, those that learn to listen achieve higher levels of success in all facets of life. Kit Pang, founder of Boston Speaks joins Michael to share listening tips that top negotiators and therapists use every day. 

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Michael sits down with members of the global eBay Classifieds team to learn about their observations on the future of automotive. From the United States, to Canada and Germany, you'll hear ideas about where things are headed, perhaps in a way that will spark some ideas about how to evolve and adapt to future consumer demands. This episode is brought to you by eBay Classifieds Group. 

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When somebody speaks at Hubspot's marketing conference about how to increase inbound leads by 200% without a marketing budget, you pay attention. Ryan MacInnis is the director of Marketing at Voysis, a voice AI platform. In this episode, you'll learn what's needed to increase inbound organic leads for your dealership and how to establish a process that will help you generate more organic leads into the future.

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Mark Irvine, the senior data scientist at Wordstream shares with Michael his advice about how dealers can get the most out of their Google Ads and Facebook advertising. Having access to thousands of different ad accounts, Mark has the unique privilege of being able to observe and recognize PPC best practices at scale, covering a variety of industries. Whether you're running your own ads in-house or outsourcing management to a 3rd party, Mark and Michael get to the bottom of it in this episode.

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Kim MacPherson is the founder of Sell it Smart and Buy it Smart Automotive and shares how you can attract more non-prime customers to your dealership. Traditionally speaking, dealers have kept their distance from less-than-perfect credit customers because of the perceived challenge they bring to making a deal happen. Today, non-prime customers provide a lucrative and highly profitable opportunity for dealers willing to embrace them. They are the fastest way to increase your bottom line, build relationships of trust, and gain repeat and referral business.

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