The Dealer Playbook

In this episode, Michael shares his commentary on the driving force for achieving more sales in the retail auto business. With 140 episodes of the show published, Michael uncovers a universal message that each guest has shared. Utilizing audio snippets from past guests, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone and Kris Boesch, what you can do to increase business and profits is more clear.

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In the retail automotive industry, we often speak about leads as if they are hard to get. It turns out, with some humanity, common sense and a reasonable sequence of actions, they may be easier to acquire now than ever before. Pete Peterson, CEO of Dealers United shares unique and straightforward ways that dealerships can generate 1st-party VIN leads for under $20, plus the secret hidden feature on Facebook that produces them for free.

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Michael Phillips developed a passion for helping others in a very organic way when he served as a hockey coach to over 6,000 kids. As a coach, he learned valuable skills that have helped him as a business owner and as a dealership employee. Unlike others, Mike has had the unique opportunity to work in nearly every facet of the modern dealership which has given him perspective on the top character traits of successful leaders and sales professionals alike.

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