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No matter what your past looks like, you have control of your future. Shawn Hays shares his inspirational story about how the car business helped change his life. Co-founder of the Sales Hustler movement, Shawn explains the most critical elements of being a successful car salesperson. Hint, it may not be what you think.


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Facebook Canada Autos Team covers a lot of ground helping retail car dealers get the most out of the platform and all of its features. Joining Michael is Brian Sencich from Facebook Canada Autos team to share ways that dealers can make the most out of the tools and resources available. They also discuss best practices and ways that you probably haven't yet leveraged the Facebook platform.

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Rand Fishkin is no stranger to building a business. As the founder of Moz, Rand led the company from mounds of debt to $50mm in revenue. Recently he launched his book titled, "Lost and Founder" which sheds some light on business and how startups (or if you're reading between the lines, automotivepreneurs) can step up their game, get better at business and marketing and grow. Of course, you can't have a conversation with Rand without digging into some SEO best practices. 

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Each of your marketing activities should focus on helping the customer toward a purchase decision. Brent Albrecht from Friendemic joins me to share why Dynamic Inventory advertising is something you should consider, especially for staying top-of-mind with customers who have already checked out your website inventory.

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