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Mike Haeg, VP of Automotive at Car Wars, shares his best advice about how to land more opportunities over the phone. In this episode of the podcast, Michael and Mike explore the differences between having phone skills and a phone management process, as well as the impact leveraging both could have on your sales outcomes.

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Put your actions where your mouth is. In this week's powerbomb episode, Dr. Winegard shares a few simple truths that will help car sales professionals demonstrate that they are different rather than feeling the need to say it all the time.

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Once you've learned all of the word tracks and sales tactics, where do you go? What can you do? Dr. Brynn Winegard, and award-winning professor, speaker, and expert in business brain sciences, knows why your customers do what they do, and why they make the decisions they make.

As a consultant to companies like Pfizer, Nestle, and Johson and Johnson, Dr. Winegard shares her best advice for thos in the car business wanting to take their influence and persuasive abilities to the next level.

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Be patient. 

That's what we've all been told since any of us can remember. Patience is a virtue. 

And while there are a great deal of things in life that require patience, Brad Lea shares his perspective on when it's okay to throw patience out the window.

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They say that wise people learn from experience, while super-wise people learn from others experiences. Brad Lea, founder of LightspeedVT is no exception.

In this episode of the podcast, Brad shares his common sense wisdom about the simple rules of success. There's no BS in what Brad has to say, so this should serve as a reminder of what you need to be doing if you want to succeed in your career and in life.

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Shay Rowbottom explains that one of the best ways to develop your content strategy on LinkedIn is to observe what other successful creators are doing. Discover what it is about their content that is hitting the mark and then experiment by publishing similar topics, laced with your unique attributes.

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The rise in popularity of LinkedIn presents a massive opportunity for those who are willing to put themselves out there and leverage the social platform for personal branding. Shay Rowbottom, one of LinkedIn's prominent content creators joins Michael to share her process for creating content on LinkedIn as well as the importance of vulnerability, transparency, and honesty when developing your brand.

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