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Welcome to the finale of season 9 of The Dealer Playbook Podcast. The past 62 episodes of the podcast have included brilliant topics about retail car sales, marketing, leadership, and a prominent topic -- business culture. 

Thank you so much for joining Michael and his guests for season 9. We can't wait to bring you even more fresh content in season 10 that will help you experience accelerated growth in your career as an automotive professional. 

Over the next 4 weeks (December 2019) we're going to re-release episodes from the past season (Michael's Pick!) with Michael's additional commentary.

Also, be sure to check out Michael's brand new podcast, After The Grind, with co-host Glenn Lundy. After The Grind is a fun-filled, inspiring look at every day life and is for all audiences from all walks of life and professions. There is something there for everyone (non-automotive topics). 

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Creating a fresh social platform marketing approach can seem daunting, especially if you're starting over or want to try something new. In this powerbomb episode, social media marketing expert, Sarah McIntyre provides an inside glimpse into how she helps her global clients get started.

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Sarah is a leading Australian social media practitioner who works for global brands and small startups to develop and deploy tactical social media strategies. In this episode of The Dealer Playbook, Sarah shares creative ways that retail car dealers can leverage social media with limited resources.

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Evolution isn't something you should fear, it's something you should and must embrace. Over the last 30 years, Danny has experienced many shifts in the business which have caused him to grow -- the ultimate goal. Rather than being fearful of change, seek small ways to embrace it each day, week, and year.

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Danny Blanchard is no stranger to the retail car business. Since his start as a teenager, he has worked every position within the dealership from the lube pit to ownership. Today, Danny is the Dealer Principal and GM of two stores in Alberta Canada and shares his wisdom about creating a growth culture as a new leader.

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Leadership is much more than a title or rank. It is the embodiment of character traits, behaviors, and mindset to serve others and produce results. While an increase in pay may seem appealing, it's more important to acquire the skills and mindset necessary for leadership, which ultimately starts with your ability to lead and discipline yourself.

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