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Dean Evans shares his experience working through various phases of economic struggles, and shares what car dealers can do when that happens.

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Dean Evans is the CMO of Cars and has an impressive resume filled with vast marketing experience. In particular, Dean shares his digital marketing success recipe, aka "bottom-up performance marketing," which includes 5 steps that car dealers can take in a post-COVID retail environment.

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The retail automotive industry is adapting and evolving at an accelerated rate. What would have, perhaps, taken several years to theorize, implement, iterate, and polish, happened within a matter of months during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dealers have demonstrated that they have what it takes to adapt to the demands of the market by pursuing virtual alternatives to a traditional in-person process.

Others have struggled to adapt. They struggle with the discomfort associated with trying something new and failing. In this powerbomb, David Kain and Michael Cirillo discuss the importance of getting started, and gaining clarity on the move, rather than waiting for the perfect climate to get started.

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David Kain's experience in the retail automotive industry speaks for itself. As the co-founder of, David has been both a general manager and managing partner of the Kain family, Jack Kain Ford. With the shift in business process post-COVID, David joins the show to share some creative ways that dealers can embrace remote retailing, and leverage existing technology to provide a seamless "touchless" vehicle retail experience.

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Scott Simons, Dealer Principal at CMA Valley Dealerships has a contagious optimism that acts as the foundation for how his dealerships serve in the community. In this episode, listen to Scott's story, and how it has played a role in helping him develop who he is today.

The big question from this episode has to do with exploring your past to identify the lessons that have helped or can help you become who you want to be in life, and in your career in the retail auto industry.

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Dealer Principal, Scott Simons, shares his inspiring story and how car dealers can make the best of any circumstance. While the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to alter their operations dramatically, Scott and his team at CMA Valley's dealerships continued to innovate and discover new ways of serving the community.

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If the obsession is always monetary, the fulfillment will never come. Why? When you're optimizing for something that, if not managed properly, can be a big stress and distraction, you won't get the feeling of fulfillment which serves as a larger measuring stick for success.

We hear it time and again from industry leaders. We learn from their experience that when they finally achieved the number they thought would change their life, that their life hadn't really changed the way they thought.

Don't misunderstand, money is not evil, and, as a business, there needs to be a healthy focus on it. If it's all your obsessed about, then you might find it becomes a hindrance to your overall organizational progress.

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One of the most influential minds of our time, Elon Musk is responsible for much of the technology, software, and companies that are at the forefront of evolution. It's with that perspective that Elon has garnered the wisdom that leads us to today's Friday Fire episode of the show. Michael shares a quote by Elon Musk that, when applied to the context of your situation, will help you get to the next level in your career. Think about what's in your control, and what you can do to take bigger, bolder, and more calculated actions as you fight to achieve your definition of success. Whatever you do, be the actor - not acted upon.

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When it comes to creating, optimizing, and managing Facebook ads, Molly Pittman is at the top of the game. In fact, many of the world's top ad buyers and strategists have likely learned from her. But today's episode of The Dealer Playbook is not what you'd expect. It's not about Facebook ads for car dealers at all. Rather, it's an enriching conversation that explores the importance of focusing on your mission.

Each dealership on the planet is unique. No two are alike, not even if you're in the same dealer group. There is a real pulse (or lack of one) that runs deep in a dealership and that determines how scalable, and how impactful the business can be. Why do some dealerships make more money? Why are some able to whether uncertainty better than others? All of these topics and more are discussed in this conversation with Molly Pittman, the CEO of Smart Marketer.

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When it comes to the word "attraction" and business, many immediately think of the famous "law of attraction." In today's episode of the show, Michael Cirillo and David Bradley investigate how you can grasp the deeper meaning of the word attraction, and how you can apply it to your career in the retail auto industry.

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There's a lot of talk about how dealerships will evolve in a post COVID world. As economies are slowly opening, and consumers return to purchase vehicles, there are many struggling to figure out what path they should take in order to really dominate. Michael shares advice written in his #1 best-selling book, "Don't Wait, DOMINATE!" which are as relevant (if not more) today as when the book was first published. If your dealership wants to stand out rather than get lost in the mix, it's important to make sure you evolve with the demands of the market, not necessarily other competing dealerships.

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Is your profit and loss statement telling you the whole story about the true costs of running your dealership? Often when dealerships struggle to track profit, they forget about ancilliary expenses that add up and stifle growth. In today's powerbomb episode, Michael and Juan explore what expenses should be tracked in order to get a clearer picture about profitability and expenses.

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