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Maureen Berkner Boyt knows what it takes to grow a business. As a 5x business launcher, Maureen is currently the founder of the Moxie Exchange - an organization that helps companies create inclusive workplaces, be innovative, and make more money. 

On episode 120, you're going to hear Maureen's best advice for shattering negative stigmas in the workplace and how to elevate your entire team to be more productive and thrive.

Having an inclusive dealership means that you also need to stop focusing attention on gender or pay gaps. It means that you treat all people with equality and respect, and position each team member to succeed. 

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It is SO good to be back behind the microphone for Season 8 of the DPB. Thank you to everyone who continues to listen, subscribe and share the show.Thank you for joining me on my mission to enrich and empower automotive professionals all over the world! 

Season 8 is going to be awesome. You'll hear some familiar voices as well as new subject-matter leaders who are dominating in their space. 

In season 7, we tried something new. We released all episodes at once, Netflix style. In Season 8, we're going back to weekly releases to keep you fired up and rolling through the end of the year.

I hope you enjoy. As always, thank you for your attention and time. It means the world to me.



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Ryan Stewman (a.k.a Hardcore Closer) has never had a salaried job in his life. He has a real 'eat-what-you-hunt' mentality which fosters his consistent entrepreneurial approach to sales.

In Episode 93 of The Dealer Playbook, Ryan walks through the best way to navigate negotiating and closing a car deal. Using real examples from his life as a car sales professional, he shares a unique way of viewing everyday challenges that every car pro faces.

Understand the common phrases that car shoppers use

From "just looking" to "what's the best price you can give me", understanding why car buyers use these phrases is essential to working through the sales process.

"They've been taught to say those things from their parents, and their parents, and their parents and on and on..." It's all they know how to say when placed in that situation.

The sooner you can get over the fact that most car shoppers will repeat the same phrases, the better off you'll be.

Rather than complaining that all of them say the exact things or have the same objections, leverage those phrases to come up will killer solutions. Each customer provides you with one more opportunity to get your work tracks right.

Learn the word tracks

It's no secret that certain word combinations work better than others. Ryan Stewman shares some valuable word tracks that can break the ice and seal the deal.

Ask questions

When asked about the most valuable sales lesson he's learned was, Ryan responded, "Ask questions."

This is a practice that comes preloaded in every sales training course there is. Sadly, very few adopt the practice into their routine.

A significant element of asking is listening. If you ask questions, you have to be willing to genuinely take an interest in what the other person is saying. Once you do, it may surprise you how much information they volunteer that will help you advance the sale even further.

Insist on the business

If you've gone out of your way to answer questions, convey value and provide an enjoyable experience, don't be afraid to insist on the business. If the customer is asking about the lowest price you can offer, consider the vehicle sold. Ryan Stewman submits that when customers ask for a price, they've already agreed to buy the vehicle, they're just kicking off the negotiation.

Play the game

Not only is it vital to know the game you're playing, but you need to be willing to play it.

It's crazy how many car pros complain about the negotiation process when working a car deal, but that's just part of the game. If you take the time needed to know how to navigate the game, your chances of winning increase exponentially.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most prominent Entrepreneurs of the 21st century. As the founder and CEO of VaynerMedia, a 700+ person digital marketing agency, Gary has learned a thing or two about starting and growing a business.

He is now on a mission to share what he's learned with other business owners and entrepreneurs. His motivation is to leave a legacy; an imprint on future generations about what it looks like to be a leader and entrepreneur.

In episode 91 of The Dealer Playbook, Michael sits down with Gary to discuss his new book, #Ask GaryVee and have a few questions answered about how to succeed in car sales in a cluttered market.

No Excuses, No Perfect Conditions

Have you ever found yourself waiting for the conditions to be just right before you act? How has that worked out for you? The shortest answer of this episode came when Michael asked, "Do you ever wait for perfect conditions before making a move?"

Gary's answer: "NO!"

Of course most listening or watching already knew the answer. But Michael asked it for less than obvious reasons. It's one thing to know the answer; it's another to take action on it.

One of the reasons most people leave their dreams, goals or ambitions behind is because they secretly believe the perfect conditions are right around the corner.

If Gary Vaynerchuk Sold Cars

Let's face it, we all want to know what moves Gary would make if he were selling cars. Well, now you finally get the answer from the horses mouth.

If Gary Vaynerchuk became a car salesperson, he would execute a hyper-local strategy. The goal: Become what he called the "social mayor" of the community.

Using social media, he would build his audience by being the go-to local resource for anything and everything in the community. From talking about that "pothole" that everyone is complaining about to engaging in community events and fundraisers.

The challenge is that most salespeople think of what they do as a J.O.B. Gary apparently thinks and sees the future as an entrepreneur. His thought process immediately took him to a place where he captured control and took action to make himself omnipresent in his local community.

If Gary Vaynerchuk sold cars, you wouldn't be able to escape him online. He would be everywhere. He would be involved. He'd run it as if it were his own business.

Get a copy of Gary's New book "#AskGaryVee"

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Marketing is not about dumping more money into advertising so that you can get more clicks to your website. It's not about buying a full page ad in the local newspaper or airtime on the radio.

Though there are dozens of outlets to broadcast your business, many dealers are struggling to generate real results.

On episode 87 of DPB, Glenn Pasch, Troy Spring, and Tracy Myers talk about their new book, "The Power of Connected Marketing" by sharing strategies from the book that will help you unify your marketing and see great gains.

The problem with most dealer marketing and advertising today is that it's siloed. Radio ads aren't connecting to website pages, newspaper or social media. Social media ads aren't connected to any specific campaign or purpose. In so doing, dealers are wasting more money on marketing then needed.

It's not about what platform works better, either. Too often (especially in the digital age), dealers and vendors debate that radio and television are still effective while others place all their chips on digital.

Troy Spring explains that even online businesses are using television and radio to draw attention. That's because they are working a complete strategy from start to finish.

Tracy Myers shares that you have to be intentional with your marketing. It needs to align with a genuine business model for it to stick.

Glenn Pasch teaches that you should perform an audit of all your vendors and the services they provide to get a pulse on what you're spending money on.

On May 13th, 2016 The Power of Connected Marketing is available for sale on Amazon. But Glenn, Troy, and Tracy share another reason why they wanted to talk about the book on DPB.

"We're up to $4 from each book sale being donated to the #PaulieStrong foundation."

A good friend, and industry Vet, Paul Jimenez and his family started the #PaulieStrong foundation in honor of their son/brother Paulie who passed on earlier this year from rhabdomyosarcoma - a rare form of childhood cancer. All money donated to the foundation goes towards helping find a cure for pediatric cancer in memory of Paul Ulysses Jimenez.

Buy The Power of Connected Marketing Here

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3.) That's it. Wait for the book to arrive!

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Grant Cardone is no stranger to doing whatever it takes to create success. In fact, for many of his followers, the terms 'hustle' or '10X' have become synonyms for his name. 

In this episode of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, Michael Cirillo sits down with Grant Cardone to dissect what being obsessed looks like and how you can use it to gain more balance in your life than ever before.

Grant's journey toward what he has become today started when he was 25 years old and recovering from a drug addiction. He found a car dealership that was willing to take a chance on him. That dealership is where he became obsessed with creating a bigger life for himself than he could have ever dreamt of. 

Today, Grant is perhaps the poster boy for what possibilities can come from having a career in automotive. He now owns one of the most successful sales training companies on planet earth and a real estate portfolio that keeps growing.

Grant Cardone on being Obsessed

But with his 'in-your-face', do whatever it takes, persona, have come some misconceptions about the sales tycoon. First, that he never stops working.

In this episode, you'll hear Grant mention that he spends more time with his family than most people and that he never compromises on sleep. He even takes a nap every now and again.

So how is it that he can be as obsessed as his persona exemplifies while maintaining a healthy work-life balance? The simple answer: He's obsessed with everything in his life.

He's obsessed with his career, his family and his spirituality. In so doing, he finds the ultimate balance and fulfillment in his life. 

The challenge for most people today is that they are only obsessed about one or two things. They either only want to work and as a result, they miss out on their family, or they only want to play and have fun, and therefore miss out on what a diligent work life has to offer.

The bottom line: By becoming obsessed with the various elements of your life (whether career, family, spirituality, play), you can find greater balance, more fulfillment, and big successes.

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After a brief hiatus, new episodes of The Dealer Playbook Podcast are around the corner starting on May 5, 2016. 

We've been working on some really cool things that we can't way to share with you when the new episodes start back up!

If you're new to the show, this is a great chance to get caught up on the last 85 episodes!

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Trevor Turnbull is one of the foremost experts when it comes to leveraging the power of LinkedIn to grow your business.

In this episode of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, Michael and Robert are joined by Trevor to discover the exact process he uses to optimize, grow, and leverage his LinkedIn profile.

You're going to learn what you can do to expand your community and grow your social influence. You'll also get access to Trevor Turnbull's LinkedIn strategy that will help you grow your customer base and sell more cars.

LinkedIn is about people

It's important to remember that social media is about networking with real people. Whatever wouldn't be acceptable to do in real life, should definitely not happen on LinkedIn or any social network, for that matter.

For example, when joining groups on LinkedIn, it's best to focus on building relationships rather than trying to jump into the conversation by promoting what you do. It's important to grow your network and circle of influence naturally.


Connect with Trevor Turnbull

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Can you believe we've already been together for 70 episodes?!? Crazy, right?

In episode 70 of DPB, Michael brings you powerful advice that will help you thrive in your automotive career. What starts as a valid question, turns into a bit of a rant, but ultimately, those that listen to this episode and take the advice will find lasting, sustainable success.

Michael kicks off the show by asking a question. Why are you in business?

During a recent speaking engagement, Michael asked this same question to the audience. They answered much the same way anybody else might. 

"To make more money!" or "To sell more cars!"

While those are definitely good reasons, Michael suggests it goes a layer deeper.


BRT = Build Relationships of Trust

People do business with those that they both like and trust. If you don't work to have incredible, trusting relationships with your customers and community, how do you expect them to want to do business with you?

This is a challenge that many automotive sales professionals face. They struggle to build strong enough relationships with people, and that could be contributing to why sales aren't as plentiful as they could be.

That's not to suggest that the sales professional is entirely at fault.

This is where the rant begins...


Mass Media Perpetuates the Negative View of Dealers

While there certainly are some dealers who have earned the negativity, it's not right to peg all dealers as shady and as con artists. Yet there are still so many articles and publications that suggest to the general population that they should be worried about dealing with you because you're not interested in them.

While the media really grinds Michael's gears in that regard, he suggests that it can be used as leverage to paint a happier picture for dealers.

Look at Jack in The Box. In this episode, Michael didn't have all the stats in front of him when he mentioned that their food killed someone. It was worse than that! 

171 people were hospitalized with E. Coli poisoning, four children left dead. It has been referred to as the "Pearl Harbor" of the food industry!

Jack in The Box took that negative situation and turned it into a growing reputation. That's because they understood that when there is a problem, they have the power to fix it.

While dealers haven't had to deal with a situation as horrible as that, the negativity that surrounds dealers is pretty bad. Luckily, you have the power to fix it. To turn things around and prove to your market why you're different.


Mission Statement and Core Values

Does your dealership have a mission statement and core values? If so, do you know what they are? Have you bought into them? 

A set of strong core values and a thoughtful mission statement can be a great first step to differentiating your store from the competition. Especially if everyone on your team is aware and buys into them.


Money is the natural byproduct of being human!

If your definition of success is predicated upon money alone, you're in for a long haul! The money will come naturally as you seek to enrich and enhance the life of those you serve.


You Know The Drill, Now It’s Your Turn

The whole team at DPB can not thank you enough for all the support and love you have been giving us.

Whether you loved it, hated it, want more of it, or want something different, we want to hear your voice.

Sound off below with your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, questions, etc. and let’s keep this conversation going.

See you next time 


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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We are so excited to get this new year off to a fresh start and to bring you episodes of the show that will help you completely dominate this new year. 

Our guest today is Laura Madison, an automotive sales professional who is absolutely taking her career, her dealership and the market by storm. Laura has been selling cars for only 4 years, but has adopted and formed some key habits and behaviors that have helped her take things to the next level.

She's with us today to let you in on her career-building secrets.

1. Do Whatever you can to get more leads for yourself

While this may sound like old news to some, the key element of getting more leads is found in the "doing whatever you can". If that means that you need to take some of your downtime to film more videos or write a new blog post that you can share on social media, so be it. 

Don't sit around waiting for more people to walk through the showroom doors. Be proactive and create content that will entice them to come to you!


2. Work with your management

Laura admits that management can often be a problem that holds sales people back from achieving more success. It's no secret that management rarely offers enough training to their team, but that's where you can again, be proactive in approaching them and speaking their language. 

Let them know that you want to try out different strategies to promote yourself and bring more traffic through the doors. 

3. Be Different

One of our favorite quotes by NYT Bestselling author, Gary Vaynerchuk is, "A penguin can't be a giraffe, so be the best darn penguin you can be!"

By being yourself and not trying so hard to be someone other than yourself, you are being different. Focus on leveraging your strengths to build a brand in and of yourself that you can bring to the market and use to set yourself above the competition.

Don't be fearful of others catching on to what you're doing either. We asked Laura is the other reps at her dealership were following her lead, and she admitted that they were not.

That goes to show that not everyone will do what it takes to dominate their career, dealership and community.

You can follow Laura Madison on twitter @LauraDrives or check out her personal website,


Your turn

What are some simple strategies that you use on a daily basis to help advance your career? Let us know in the comments below!

ALSO, don't forget to get our brand new eBook: "10 Incredible Insights from 10 Incredible Experts"

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The Dealer Playbook Episode 3


In the dealership business, your team’s attitude is crucial. Today's automotive consumers are smart. They know when you’re being sincere, and they know when you’re feeding them a line of bull.


Dive into this episode with one of the automotive industry’s top experts, Tracy Myers from Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem, North Carolina. In this dose of the Dealer Playbook, learn some of Tracy’s key rituals and tips that propel his dealership toward constantly creating a positive work environment for his employees, resulting in a phenomenal experience for his customers. Tracy gives the play by play on how to build a thriving, positive dealership culture.


Keeping your service teams motivated not only creates a better dealership environment, but it sells more cars and repeat services. When you amp up your dealership culture so your staff is genuinely excited about your products, that energy is contagious. Before long, you’ve gained long-term customers who are pumped to be doing business with you.


Tracy is an undeniable expert when it comes to creating a ‘Disney World’ kind of experience for every single person standing within his dealership property, but he’s quick to admit it’s a huge waste of time if your staff isn’t completely on board and proud to be a part of the team efforts..


As a dealer principal or any level of manager, you have the power to directly affect your employee’s work experiences and job satisfaction. Making changes as simple as showing interest in their personal lives and getting to know your team members can have an amazing affect on their attitude and commitment.


If your team doesn’t support your dealership’s message and objectives, all the sales training and product education in the world is worthless.

Tracy Myers Facebook:


Tracy Myers Twitter:


Tracy Myers Website:


Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group:

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